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Tanner T. Roberts - Political Author & Commentator
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Announcement Regarding Sales of Book

Big Tech Censorship



My experience selling my second book through Amazon has been, to say the least, completely maddening. It seems as if those employed by the tech giant are doing everything in their immense power to either hinder or fully prevent sales of my book. Perhaps it is simply gross incompetence or perhaps it is outright nefarious acts of censorship. Who knows, maybe it is both. Either way Amazon has taken steps that have dramatically altered my sales and not in a good way. They have suppressed and even deleted reviews to my book. They have prevented new reviews from being published. Numerous purchasers reached out to me and said they were prevented from leaving any reviews. When confronted, Amazon simply just stated they would look into it. In addition, they have failed to update the inventory of my book after selling out in November because of “holiday delays”. At no point throughout the month of December have they updated the inventory on my Amazon page DESPITE having books on hand.This has caused me to miss out on the biggest sales month of the whole year.

Conservative censorship from big tech used to be considered a right-wing conspiracy and nothing much more. However, the growing first-hand accounts from individual users, conservative media outlets and businesses demonstrate that these claims of censorship are not baseless. I’m sure many have experienced some type of censorship but it really hits home when it happens to you. Especially when that censorship directly impacts your livelihood…

I am not one to boycott businesses but if you are so kind to consider purchasing my book I ask you do it through this platform. It may cost a bit more due to the direct expenses that are personally incurred but it does help. If you must purchase through Amazon then I understand and appreciate the support regardless!

Thanks Again.