Tanner T. Roberts - Political Author & Commentator
Tanner T. Roberts - Political Author & Commentator
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About Tanner

Tanner Thomas Roberts is a political author from Houston, Texas. Tanner Roberts graduated from Texas A&M in 2013 with a B.S. in Economics. Tanner's debut book, Dumb Politics: The Political Rhetoric and Blissful Ignorance of a Generation, reached number one on Amazon for new releases. In addition, Dumb Politics received an award for Best Non-Fiction by the Texas Authors Association. 

Tanner's second book, 101 Tips to Become a Radical Liberal, was set to release in mid 2020 but was pushed back because of COVID. This book has now become available for sale and can be found for purchase here

Tanner has done countless radio/podcast interviews and has spoke at numerous events. He continues to remain active in the conservative movement and hopes to continue his successful writing in the future.